K&K Eventcooking

K&K Eventcooking


As an eventcook Frank Knöchel offers you a premium catering with
an individual event concept for your event. For culinary highlights it is obviously that
fixings are fresh and seasonal. Profit of Franks' years and years of  work
that your event could be a feast of the senses and sticks in memory.

Since 1997 Sven Krökel works in the sector of Catering and get in contact
with all facets. He used his experience worldwide (Salt Lake Cithy, Housten TX, Italy, Swiss, Poland)
and relay this to his customers. It doesn't matter whether in his eventbistro "Plateau 5", on championchips,
or in his garden. With his equipment the german grill and BBQ champion and his team is on its way 
all over Germany, and intrigued his guests. More Information about Sven could you find here.

The yearslong experience in grill and BBQ implement in different Rubs together with Joe's Originals.
For you aligned spices for all your grill and kitchen experiences.

Exclusive by K&K Eventcooking events or in our Webshop. Taste it!

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